Are emails failing to make it to your customer’s inbox? Let’s solve that problem right away! This is how to find out what’s going wrong.

When customers are not receiving emails sent by Briq, there are several things you can check:
Is the recipient’s email address correct?
Check the email address. Perhaps there is a full stop missing, or maybe the address says .nl instead of .com. If you are sure that the email address is correct, proceed to the next check.
What is the status of the email according to Briq?
To check the status, go to the booking in question. Click on the Mail tab and check the status in the Status column. You may encounter one of several statuses.

  • Sent means that Briq has correctly delivered the email to the recipient. Possibly, something went wrong on the recipient’s end.
  • Error or Failed means that something went wrong when delivering the email to the recipient. In this case, resend the email.

Is there an issue with Briq?
As an extra step, you could check the status page of Briq Bookings.
If you have any questions about the above, please contact Briq Support.

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