currently has three levels of permission:

  • ReadOnly: this role can view bookings and work lists, but cannot make any modifications.
  • Employee: this role can perform all necessary reception / support tasks, such as making a booking, editing a booking, registering and refunding payments, etc.
  • Admin: this role has all permissions in, including all the permissions associated with the Employee role. In addition, admins can also configure products and deals and manage company settings and opening hours.

To see which permissions your account has, follow the steps below:

  • Click in the bottom left of on the circle (where you may have uploaded your profile photo)
  • A pop-up opens
  • At the top of the pop-up is the assigned permissions shown, directly under your account name

Is the granted permission incorrect or inadequate? Then contact the person who manages Briq within your organization, he or she can adjust the rights.

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