Voucher codes can be added to Briq in two ways:

  1. By the customer in the Briq funnel
  2. By an employee in Briq.app via the Add code field in the relevant booking

To successfully apply a voucher code, this code must be created and known in the Voucherify program.

When checking a voucher code, Voucherify returns one of these two statuses:

  • Discount code found, followed by the value associated with the code
  • Voucher code not found

If the status "Voucher code not found" is returned, this may have the following causes:

  • The voucher code has already been used and may only be used once.
  • The voucher code does not meet the validation rules set in Voucherify. Example: the voucher code is applicable to bookings from € 50, the content of the booking is lower than this amount. Or the voucher code applies to the karting activities, while there is no product of this activity in the booking.
  • The voucher code is not known in Voucherify.
  • The communication between Briq and Voucherify does not work, check the status of Voucherify here. If there are no details on this page, this option does not apply.

We advise you to contact the colleague / person who manages Voucherify internally to check the code in the Voucherify portal.

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