Is there a question, problem or remark you’d like to share with Briq Support? Follow these steps to create a ticket and we’ll be sure to process it. In this way our support team can help you personally, quickly and efficiently.
Step 1:
Send an email to [email protected]

Step 2:
Describe your question or problem as clearly and completely as possible.

What to mention:

  • What actions did you take that led you to this issue? 
  • What went differently than you had expected?
  • Did this work in the past?
  • When did the problem occur (time and date?)
  • Do you have screenshots or booking numbers to show what’s going wrong? If you add a screenshot, make sure to capture the entire screen, including a visible URL.
  • On which device (e.g. pc, mobile, tablet, etc.) does the problem occur, and which browser (e.g. Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) do you use?

Step 3:
Send the ticket. Briq Support will respond within 12 hours.

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