"BRIQ might not always work as well as you’ve come to expect.
 This may be because there’s an issue with Briq, but sometimes you can resolve the issue yourself. Some errors you may encounter include:

  • You can’t log in
  • Briq.app is slower than usual
  • Bookings aren’t forwarded to other software
  • Resources can’t be saved properly"
Tip: save errors! If you see a unique error code, or can take a screenshot, do so! This will make it easier for us to help.

Check your internet connection
If Briq.app just won’t load, try the following.

  1. Open a web page other than https://briq.app to check whether you’re only experiencing problems with Briq.
  2. If the other web page won’t load either, reset your internet connection and try to refresh https://briq.app. Sometimes, you may have to turn to your IT department.

A quick, complete BRIQ refresh
To solve loading problems and/or errors and completely refresh BRIQ, you can perform a so-called ‘hard refresh’.

  1. Open Briq.app on your screen 
  2. On your keyboard, try the following combinations: CMD +R (Mac) or CTRL + R / CTRL + F5 (Windows).
  3. If step 2 did not work, try the next step.

Emptying your cache & history
Sometimes, you will have to empty your browser cache & history because an error accidentally crept in. How to do this varies from one browser to the next.

Tip: uncheck 'passwords'! Be careful that you don’t delete your saved passwords when emptying your history!

Switching off extensions
Extensions or plugins are a great way to add more functionalities to your browser, but they might interfere with BRIQ. To check whether this is happening, you can temporarily switch off your extensions.

Updating your browser
Because BRIQ has some very advanced features, it is important that you run the latest versions of our supported browsers. Continue reading to find out how to update your browser.

We use a technique known as websockets to speed up the user experience. This technique is not always compatible with particularly strict firewalls or outdated anti-virus software.

  • Visit this site to check whether websockets is working properly for you. If you get a green light, you’re golden!
  • If you do run into an issue, get in touch with your IT department or try to solve it yourself.

Contacting Briq Bookings Support
If your problem still has not been resolved, please contact Briq Bookings Support.

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