The shop and funnel are built to monitor all phases of the purchasing process. In Google Analytics you have to set up the funnel view yourself.

Hereby a how to:

  • Log in to Google Analytics
  • Click on this link to easily import the funnel view
  • Select the desired account
  • Click Create


  • Log in to Google Analytics
  • Click Administrator
  • Click Goals
  • Click New Goal
  • Click Custom
  • Enter a name in Target description field
  • Choose Destination at Type
  • Click Continue
  • Choose Regular expression at Destination¬†
  • and continue with the exact copying of the fields below:
  • Click Save

Note: the data is stored with the next booking, this does not work retroactively on historical bookings.

Extra to do:
Only if you are using Card Connect as Payment Provider you need to:

  1. Log in to Google Analytics
  2. Click on Admin
  3. Click on Tracking info
  4. Click on Referral Exclusion List
  5. Add:

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