For analysis and remarketing purposes you want to configure target groups in Google Analytics. If you set this correctly you can segment cookies.

  • Log in to Google Analytics
  • Click Admin
  • Click Audience Definitions
  • Go to Audience groups
  • Click on New Audience
  • Google proposes a number of recommended audiences, in this example we choose "Users who have completed a goal conversion" (so you can exclude this audience for remarketing campaigns, for example)
  • Enter at Duration of membership how many days these people belong to this segment. Choose a day between 1 and 540 days. In our example we choose 30 days (it is likely that the person may be interested in coming back after 30 days).
  • Enter a name of your choice at Audience Name
  • Click Next step
  • Select the desired accounts at Add destinations
  • Click Publish

You can repeat the above steps and create multiple target groups. Think carefully about interesting target groups or ask a Briq Bookings expert for help.

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