In the 4th step "Payment" of the funnel, a customer can choose to pay directly online, for example via iDeal or credit card.

Suppose that this payment attempt fails, then the capacity of this booking must be retained until a successful payment (for example, a second attempt or "payment on site") has been made.

The reservation of this capacity will be made visible in the slide-in of a time slot, the booking has the status Pending. See the image below for the visual representation thereof.

Note: a Pending booking can never be opened in Briq.

Then there are two options:

  1. The booker makes another online payment (or chooses to pay on site), this is successful and the booking reaches the status Active and is shown in the overview of all bookings (Bookings).
  2. The booker lets the 2nd payment attempt expire (takes no action on the displayed payment page for 30 minutes), the capacity is released again and the booking is nowhere visible in Briq.
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