Default timeslot view

  • The number at the top shows the number of people booked in this timeslot
  • The number at the bottom shows the total capacity of this timeslot (shown in persons or in teams, depending on the activity configuration)
  • The colored square at the bottom shows the slottype of this timeslot, in this example: Adults (V) or Children (K). This is only shown if applicable to the activity.

Overbooked timeslot

  • The capacity of this timeslot is overbooked (this can only occur with a manual booking, our online scheduler will never overbook a timeslot)

Exclusive timeslot

  • This time slot is exclusively reserved, the letters EXCL are shown.

Timeslot with changed capacity

  • The total capacity of this timeslot differs from the "standard" total capacity (for example, because two karts are temporarily defective). The adjusted total capacity is shown in brackets.

Timeslot not available

  • The timeslot is not active / not available for bookings.

Example view of different timeslots on a Planboard:

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