1. Download a payment export in Briq.app (go to Reports > click Exports) for a specific period that you want to match.
  2. Apply a Filter and select “Stripe” as Processor in the processor Column.
  3. Then select Success in the Status column. Now your Stripe export will exactly match the Briq data.
    Note that from time to time Stripe will add disputed payments to your overview. This may cause discrepancies between the two data sources. These payments can be found in the “reporting_category” column if you select for “disputed”.

How to download a detailed balance report in my Stripe account?

In Stripe you can get a detailed breakdown of the balance change called the Summary report. See: Home > Reports > Balance change from activity

Balance change from activity

Detailed breakdown of the balance change from activity line from the above Balance Summary report. Includes changes to your Stripe balance from activity (payments, refunds, transfers, etc.), excluding payouts, as well as itemized downloads.

download https://stripe.com/docs/reports/financial-reports

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