There are different ways to link your own website to the webshop. Here are some examples for inspiration. Of course, you can also use and combine multiple examples.

1. The Briq Widget

The Briq widget is a great way to start using Briq quickly. You can use the Briq widget to give visitors a way to open Briq from your own website. After completing the widget, customers are forwarded to the shop, where the process continues to cross-selling, timeslots and payment.

Hereby a how-to article about using the widget on your own website.

2. Book now or Ticket buttons

You can also make buttons on your own website and have them refer to the webshop.

You can use the webshop link in two ways:

1) The full URL, so that someone ends up in a fully filled shop.

2) A pre-filtered shop URL, so that someone from the kart page, for example, goes directly to the shop pre-filtered for karting. You can create a pre-filtered URL by going to your webshop, selecting the desired filters, copying the URL from the browser bar and pasting it behind the desired button on your website.

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